Saturday, November 5, 2011

Miter Saw and a Roof

So when we left off, David and I had managed to raise the ridge beam and hold it in place with a couple of rafters tacked on somewhat clumsily. Since this didn't provide any protection from the elements, I was getting nervous every time the sky grew overcast and rain threatened to soak my plywood floor. Since I couldn't do much to complete the roof by myself, I draped the big blue top over the structure and waited for the next weekend that my Pops could visit.

Up until this point, I had succesfully put off buying a miter saw for a couple of reasons. First, I am cheap/stingy, whatever you want to call it. I hate the thought of my funds being tied up in capital that I may barely use. Second, when I do buy things, I generally select items that are very durable and of top notch quality. When it comes to power tools, I can determine that there are items that are more expensive than others, but I'm not really sure how much this translates to quality. I really didn't want to spend $500 on a saw that I wasn't going to use after this project.

But then David pointed out after the struggle with the rafters that a miter saw would be handy and almost essential for finish work. I gave it some thought, finally caved in and brought this baby home with me:

A Skilsaw 12 in. Chop saw on sale for $169! Initially I was worried about buying a bargain piece of equipment, but I realized that my dad has some not so expensive tools that he built our house with 20 years ago and that I was using those to build my house today! As I turns out, a miter saw is a darned useful tool. We had to cut some angled pieces for the roof, which was made simple by just rotating the saw, locking it in place, and Chop! it was cut! Speaking of the roof, here it is:

Next step: install the metal roofing panels!


  1. Good choice for roofing material! Most homeowners hail metal roofs for their durability and longevity. I see that you're already settled in this tiny house – that's great to know! Take care of your little house and have a great adventure, Kevin!
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    1. Thanks! I love the metal roof. Its been raining a lot here in Virginia this week, so its very relaxing sleeping with the sound of rain falling on my roof :)

  2. More reason to like metal roof is it's also an excellent insulator. So, during extreme weather such as very hot summers days and cold winter, you could at least save some penny from your electric bills due air condition and heater usage. Sarai @

  3. Yeah, I agree with you all! Metal roofs are famous for its practicality and comfortability for homeowners; it's flexible for strong weather and will save you from maintenance cost. Install the metal roof right and that means you're covered for almost 50 years.
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