Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tiny Tin

Last weekend marked one more step closer to weatherization of my house!  My dad arrived Friday night, and we got to work Saturday morning installing the galvanized roofing panels on the tiny roof.  It was cold enough Friday night that all of the metal panels were frozen together in the back of my truck, so we had to lay them out in the sun for a few minutes to let them deice.  The process of installing them was fairly simple: perched on ladders, my dad would hold the sheet in place while I put a couple rubber-capped screws in to hold it on the decking.  Then, I'd climb onto the roof using a "chicken ladder" with my dad spotting from below.  After 300 screws, my hands were pretty sore!

I ordered some trim pieces for the gable ends on Monday, so once those arrive, I can put the ridge cap on top and I'll have a complete roof! 

My dad had to go home Saturday evening, but my friend Clifton was in town for Thanksgiving Break from James Madison University.  We made a gourmet dinner Saturday night of mac & cheese with bratwurst, followed by blueberry cheesecake (my selection) and peanut delight (Clif's) ice creams.  Clif felt so indebted by this "feast" that I generously agreed to let him repay me by helping with the house on Sunday :p  With him on the project, I decided to finally tackle the framing of the loft end walls.  We had a few things going for us: a beautiful fall day, Mr. Miter saw, and Clifton's (correct) second-guessing of my measurements.  Unfortunately, we also didn't have much experience framing triangles, and the 3/4" thick loft flooring wasn't installed so we had to do some extrapolation .  The first wall took three hours to frame correctly, but was about half an inch too wide to fit smoothly.  So, on the second we shrunk everything generously, nailed it together, and fitted it in place in just over an hour.  

It was evening by the time we finished up, so Clif and I just enjoyed watching the sun go down and the lights come on all around the tiny house...Thanks a bunch to my dad and Clif for all their help to make this look and feel more and more like a real house :)


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