Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiny House of Tyvek

For a lot of this rough carpentry work, its almost essential to have a helper, somebody to at least hold the other end of a board, help lift a sheet of plywood, etc.  Unfortunately, this means most of my work on the house has to wait until I can get a weekend crew together.  But, in between crews, I have been trying to work on little projects.  Sunday I took on the task of Tyveking the little house.  For those who don't know, Tyvek is a waterproof membrane that blocks moisture from entering while allowing it to escape from the inside (or, as its maker, Dupont, likes to describe it, Tyvek is simply one of the "Miracles of Science").  During construction, this material will hopefully protect my house until I can clad it with siding.  After construction, the membrane will still be there, humbly performing its miracles within my walls. 

Here's the first layer going on.  I've been so excited to see my house that I've been going over there after work at night to work on it by flashlight.  This did prove to be a little difficult, especially since the wheel wells required a fair amount of cutting out.

And the windows disappeared! For those that just became concerned that I'll be living in a windowless, wheeled box, don't worry, the openings are still there!  I ordered eight of my windows Friday for a grand total of $2300 (which doesn't include the two for the loft- I still haven't found somebody that will make them small enough for me).  These should arrive by the end of the month, at which time I'll slice some holes in the openings and pop them in!

I believe I may be the first person to make a full post out of Tyveking their house...This probably comes from the fact that I've been searching for a couple of years for some pieces of the wrap to use as an ultralight groundcloth for my backpacking tent.  I've literally gone to construction sites begging for any scraps they have, only to be turned down with "Ay, no tengo..."  It is quite possible that at least part of my motivation for building a house has been to finally have an excuse to buy a whole roll of the stuff :p  Looks like now I'll have both a dry house and a dry tent!

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